Part number: M-7
Electronic converter

For FEMSA equipments, with double thyristor technology, adaptable to:

Vespa 160
Vespa 200 DS (without flashing lights)
Vespa 150 CL (chassis 200 DS)
Vespa 125 CL (chassis 200 DS)
All Bultacos, with this FEMSA ignition system.
Racing rototiller with bultaco engine.

IMPORTANT: With this new format, the electronic converter cables must be connected directly to the engine box connections.

This product match with: V01

Original old enclosure replaced by the new.


From 1982 FEMSA replaced the old encapsulated system with the new, for both Vespas 160 and for the 200DS and Bultacos, either in old supply of spare parts and new motorcycles. As a new, this electronic system provided a voltage doubler, that make much more efficient implementation in comparision to the old systems, and for this reason is recommended replace it for the new.
In scooters Vespa should be mounted just below the rod fuel tank or in the center of the replacement wheel.


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